Saddam Hussein

Hussein was born under the third sign of the zodiac (Gemini) with the lord of his Ascendant, Mercury, conjunct Ketu in the 12th house. This placement suggests difficulties in early part of life and indeed his biography confirms this. According to the time given, Saddam was born during the pratyantar of Moon, bhukti of Mars in Saturn (maha) dasa. As stated in his biography (below) his father died or disappeared before his birth.

[April 28, 1937 is the declared birth date of Saddam Hussein in the village of Ouja, near Tikrit in northern Iraq. He is born of a poor landless peasant family. His father dies, or disappears, before Saddam is born. He is sent to live with his maternal uncle, Khairallah Talfah, who influenced Saddam's life tremendously. Several reports link Saddam to the murders of a school teacher and/or a cousin during these early years.]

Looking at his chart (Vedic Wheel) we see that dasa lord Saturn occupies 10th house of father.
Saturn is conjunct 12th lord Venus and occupies 12th from Sun whilst 10th lord Jupiter is fallen in 8th house.
With so many indications of loss and separation its no surprise that he was denied ever seeing his father.
Bhukti lord Mars (in constellation of Saturn) owning and occupying 6th house of maternal uncle, aspecting
Ascendant, confirms the role his uncle played in his early upbringing.

Pratyantar lord Moon debilitated in 6th and hemmed in by Mars and Rahu shows the difficult circumstances of his mother when he was born.

Saddam was five years old (1942) when he began his 17 yr. Mercury mahadasa. These were difficult years for him, as one would expect with lagnesh Mercury conjunct Ketu (the planet of hindrance) in 12th house of loss. His growing years were full of hardships, he did poorly at school and, as stated in his biography, he was linked to the murder of a school teacher and/or cousin during this time. Throughout his life he resorted to killing those whom (he thought) were against him or who stood in his way - his rivals and competitors (6th house). What are the indications of one capable of this?

Such brutal acts that span a lifetime have to be ingrained in one's basic (innate) nature - this we see with the strong influence of retrograde 6th lord Mars (dispositor of 3rd lord Sun) on lagnesh and lagna. I'm well aware of the ease in which an Astrologer can become biased when reading a chart - this is a human frailty I'm afraid. However, there can be little doubt of the nature of this Mars (a dire malefic for Gemini Ascendant) and his influence on both Ascendant (lagna) and Ascendant lord (lagnesh).

Ketu dasa began in 1959. These were years of intrigue, imprisonment and exile. He was imprisoned twice, once sentenced to death, but escaped and fled to Egypt where he stayed for four years and completed his high school education.

Venus dasa (exalted in 10th and conjunct Saturn) from 1966, saw the beginning of his rise to power as one of the world's most brutal military dictators...

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