Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

It is with great humility that I offer my observation of Maharishi's chart; remaining alert to the fact that this is the chart of an enlightened Rishi who was undoubtedly the greatest proponent of Vedic knowledge in this modern age...
Jai Guru Dev.

It's appropriate therefore to look first at the astrological indications for enlightenment which dominate the whole chart...
According to Vedic system of astrology there are 3 bhavas/houses (4th, 8th,12th) pertaining to moksha (enlightenment).
In this chart 4th moksha lord Mars occupies Lagna (Asc) in nakshatra of 8th moksha lord Sun...Sun is known as AtmaKaraka (significator of Soul).
9th lord Mercury, dispositor of MokshaKaraka Ketu, joins Mars in lagna...Mercury occupies nakshatra of Moon, Lagna lord's dispositor, who occupies 8th moksha bhava.
Moon's dispositor (Sun) occupies 12th moksha bhava in his own constellation (nakshatra).
Sun's dispositor (Jupiter) occupies 4th moksha bhava in nakshatra of MokshaKaraka Ketu...Ketu occupies nakshatra of 12th moksha lord Jupiter.
12th moksha lord Jupiter aspects lagnesh Saturn's dispositor (Moon) in 8th, as well as moksha lord Sun in Sagittarius.
4th Moksha lord Mars aspects Jupiter, lagnesh Saturn and dispositor Moon.

This horoscope has many strong indicators for moksha influencing lagna, lagna lord and his dispositor, as well as lagna karaka Sun...
However, with several major planets (Moon and Jupiter particularly) in nakshatra of Ketu (placed in 6th house of enemies), it's not surprising that someone, secretly hostile to Maharishi, set out to poison him by offering a glass of orange juice which he accepted without question. At the time of this incident, which I presume was around 26th/27th July 1991, Maharishi was running dasa of JU-MO-JU...see dasa table above.
In a worldly (physical) sense, both Jupiter and Moon are malefic to those born under Capricorn, whilst MokshaKaraka Ketu also has a worldly/physical side to his nature...known as a secretive planet; in the 6th house, can indicate secret enemies. Ketu further signifies unexpected incidents, poison etc.. 12th (dasa) lord Jupiter is also a significator of "secret enemies".
In natal chart both dasa/antardasa lords JU/MO are aspected by functional malefic Mars whilst functional malefic Moon aspects 2nd house (partaking of wrong food and drink) from 8th.

The below YouTube video (Maharishi pass away) is confirmation that the birth data I received some years ago was authentic.

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