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From the Janma Kundali, the birth horoscope, the Maharishi Jyotish expert predicts the effect of each planet on personal life, health, wealth, profession, marriage, spiritual progress, etc.
Jyotish means light on the path - an invaluable gift from the Creator, Lord Brahma, that not only reveals to us the karma we carry, but also provides a means to rise above this web of karma to the realms of blissful life in Brahman Consciousness.
Those who are seeking to improve their happiness and fulfillment in life are invited to enjoy the self-knowledge and keen insights of S'rî Vyuha Jyotish.
A full Jyotish consultation contains a whole life prediction, which will take 90-minutes. Of course, you can also just ask certain questions about your chart. The price for every consultation depends on the duration of the session. The consultations are held by phone.
 I am looking forward to hearing from you. Wishing you good health, wealth and happiness, I stay your Pandit Sati.
Arnav Medhi is a Certified Vedic Astrologer, Stress Management expert, Planetary Gemologist, Vasthu Shastri and Spiritual Healer. At present
He is the Chief Vedic Astrologer Astro Journey to the Zodiac Secrets.
Dr. Theja, based in Perth Australia, is a well recognised consultant astrologer and a lecturer in astrology in Singapore, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. He is also a registered lecturer on Vedic Astrology at the University Extension, University of Western Australia and at the Australian Institute of Holistic Medicine, Perth.

Krishna Kumar Bagri (Bhaskar Jyotish)
All activities in our lives are governed by karma and time. If you have one without the other, things will simply not happen. People often wonder when they will meet Ms. Right, make $1M, or get the job of their dreams. The answer is “when the right time comes.” The astrologer will help you understand when that time comes.
Main services include Birth Chart and Horary Analysis, Marital & Business Compatibility, Mundane Astrology, Medical Astrology as well as Muhurta (Auspicious Time) based on practical Jyotish considerations.
If Astronomy is the Science of the Heavens, then Astrology is the Wisdom of the Heavens. "As above so below" is the dictum of classical philosophy. Classical Philosophy postulates that everything on earth is an exact copy of that which is structured in Heaven. Astrologers analyse the heavenly archetype or the map of the heavens at the time of birth.
By consulting me online over phone you would get authentic & accurate readings, pinpointing the time frames of fructification of the event of future in your life. The method that I use is KP System (Natal and Horary) for each and every chart. There are lots of free reading material you will find on my site along with yearly forecasts based on Vedic rising sign.

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