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Date: Sun Oct 21, 2001 3:37 pm
Subject: Re: [JyotishVidya] George W. Bush's Chart

First consideration is the ascendant itself...Bush was born with Cancer rising 14:00:32 degrees in the 4th pada of Pushya nakshatra which is lorded by Saturn. Scripture states that natives born under this pada are stubborn and hated by all people...strong words, but certainly the people have been strongly divided with many expressing their dislike (hate) for him.

Scripture goes on to say that these natives are fighters...we saw some of this fighting spirit during the elections when he refused to concede in spite of all the public opinion against him...bear in mind he lost the popular vote and only won power after an extremely controversial college vote. It is also stated that such natives grab other's wealth, are candid in their speech and are instructors in the science of documentation.

There can be no doubt the nakshatra of ascendant has delivered a fighting spirit to the President...I do not say this in a negative or judgmental way...he was born with the karma to not give up but to fight to the last to achieve his end...this does not make him either a good or bad is simply his role in this life. The sub-lord of the ascendant is Rahu who is (according to some) exalted in Taurus. Like Saturn, Rahu has 8th as his own home. This surely adds weight to the heavy karma (of battle) he has on his shoulders.

Let's now consider the influence of malefic Saturn in the ascendant itself. Saturn owning 7th and 8th houses is a thoroughly bad planet for Bush and has the potential to bring a lot of grief his way. Saturn's most powerful (moolatrikona) house is the 8th house of death and destruction. This house is known as the house of battle, battlefront (war)...and this Saturn, having reached his age of maturity (36), has the potential to bring much grief (to Bush) through 8th house significations. Bush is currently under the influence of dasa lord Saturn (vimsottari dasa system) and Saturn will rule his affairs until May 2006. Conflict has been visited upon him due to this Saturn occupying (visiting) his is not something he initiated.

The current transit of 8th lord Saturn (gochara) through 11th house is adding his influence to 8th lord Rahu who resides in this house; and when we consider that Bush was running a SA-RA-JU dasa on the 11 Sept. (2001), the significance of this transit is apparent...Saturn and Rahu both own the 8th house of death and destruction and they are afflicting the 8th from the 4th (11th). This transit becomes even more relevant to the event when we consider the significations of the 4th house. We are told that this house governs all forms of conveyances (vehicles) including planes, as well as is not difficult to see then how this malefic dasa/bhukti resulted in such tragic death and destruction involving planes and buildings.....
But why, we might ask, did that event occur on that particular day...after all Saturn has been transiting Taurus for some time.

The catalyst (I believe) was the sookshmantar dasa of ascendant lord Moon (SA-RA-JU-MO) which was transiting 12th house of loss in the company of Jupiter and Rahu.
We see the significance of this Moon sookshmantar dasa (in Jupiter's bhukti) even more when we look to the Ashtamsha (divisional chart of death and destruction)... As we can see, both Jupiter and Moon have gone to the 8th house itself in this chart.
Many things came together to bring about this tragic event, not the least of which is that, on that day, Moon was in the nakshatra of warmonger Mars and Jupiter was in the nakshatra of Rahu...note; transiting Mars was (also) aspecting 12th house.....

Astrologers have posed the question; "How can this Saturn dasa bring both (political) success and great grief to him and his country?" The answer (again) is in the transits and the sookshmantar. At the time of his inauguration he was running SA-RA-RA-JU. Divine planet Jupiter owns 6th and 9th houses and, although 9th is his weaker house, there can be no doubt that (as 9th lord) his influence would be such as to stall the negative significations and promote the positive significations (of 6th)...9th lord brings good support for our desires and solutions to problems. Of course, once going to 12th house of loss, the significations of Jupiter suffer greatly and the houses ruled by Jupiter are spoiled.

At the time of inauguration then, Natal Jupiter conjunct lagnesh Moon in 3rd house of vitality (desires) is transiting Rahu in 11th house of hopes and wishes. Jupiter's influence on both Rahu and (transiting) Saturn is beneficial...bringing his hopes and wishes to fulfilment.
NB: Moon, Jupiter and Rahu occupy nakshatra of YogaKaraka Mars...

So we see how these events have unfolded...but these events (alone) are not the sum total of the man who has become president of the most powerful nation in the world. During a televised conversation (shortly after the attack), he leaned towards the person he was talking to, and bravely trying to control his emotions, said; "You know, I'm a loving kind of a guy; but I've got a job to do"...there can be no doubt those words came from his heart because surely he is a loving kind of guy with Venus, the planet of love and affection, in the ascendant conjunct ascendant lord's dispositor.

Ascendant lord Moon (in 3rd) and dispositor Mercury (in 1st) exchange signs (mutual reception) thus enhancing one another's energies. This relationship denotes a determined and courageous nature...his motivation is strong and he has the courage of his convictions.
Both (Asc lord) Moon and Jupiter, in 3rd, are in nakshatra of Chitra lorded by the warmonger Mars...again the potential for war is strong, and again both warlike attributes and courage to fulfil desires is supported by this nakshatra. Scripture states that those born in the 1st pada of Chitra complete the works they desire, destroy their enemies and deceivers, and have an ever-increasing circle of friends. Of course one would expect a man who has attained the highest office in the land to posses such attributes...

It's indeed fortunate for Bush that Moon is conjunct the great planet of happiness (Jupiter) as the aspect of malefic Saturn can severely depress his emotions and mental outlook...I'm sure he doesn't escape Saturn's depressive influence entirely and (particularly) during this Saturn dasa, his mind must surely be feeling the heavy burden of Saturn affliction. Under normal circumstances (I believe) Jupiter will counteract this depression, but the current transit of this divine planet through the 12th house of Loss robs Jupiter of his strength. Certainly this transit of Jupiter has brought great loss...loss of wealth (hard economic times) for his country, loss of children (US citizens), loss of we've all seen unfold so tragically.

We can expect this trend (depressed economy, increased spending, etc.) to continue pretty much until Jupiter moves (6 July 2002) into his sign of exaltation, Cancer...this is Bush's first house and Jupiter's presence there favours both him and the country he rules. This is not to say that Bush's troubles will then be will likely only be a small respite for him until 23 July when transiting Saturn moves into Gemini. This will be a very difficult transit for him as 8th lord Saturn will be visiting his natal Sun in the 12th house of loss.

Although Bush is highly intelligent with 5th lord Mars aspecting his own home from the 2nd house of speech and education (the house of a great friend for Mars), he does, as we know, often stumble over (or mispronounce) his words. This we see with the significator of speech, Mercury conjunct Saturn in the ascendant whilst 2nd lord Sun has gone to the 12th house.

UPDATE MAR 7 2003:

* The (possibility) of a violent or accidental death is fairly strong in Bush's chart due to the following combinations:

8th lord Saturn (in Cancer lagna) aspecting 3rd and conjunct 3rd lord Mercury - 3rd shows "cause of death".

8th lord Saturn is combust 2nd lord Sun, dispositor of Mars, the planet of violence/accidents. Mars aspects 8th house which governs the death experience itself.

Sun, karaka for self, is in nakshatra of 6th lord Jupiter - 6th governs enemies. Jupiter is conjunct Ascendant lord Moon in 3rd. Death at the hand of an enemy is a possibility.

In navamsha Sun, Mars and Jupiter are conjunct 8th lord Saturn.

Battle and conflict with foreigners will manifest strongly during this time and, as spoken of previously, it will be a difficult time for both Bush and his father once the protection of (transiting) Jupiter moves from his first house.

PS: The current sabre rattling is not surprising with transiting Saturn currently in the constellation of Mars who is presently aspecting 6th lord Jupiter in lagna. Transiting Jupiter, in constellation of Saturn, is a further indication of battle with enemies.

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