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Initially there was a lot of confusion about Susan Boyle's date of birth with The Sunday Times reporting on April 19 that she was born on June 15, 1961 in Blackburn, West Lothian, Scotland. This birthdate has now been proved to be false. Caroline Gerard, an astrologer and professional genealogist who has been collecting data for decades and is the source for 320 of the records in Lois Rodden's Astrodatabank has supplied the recorded birth date and birth time along with the coordinates of Bangour Hospital where she was born.
She writes;
"The data I have provided, 1st April 1961, 09.50 (BST), 03w34, 55n55, is absolutely the correct data. The source is her official birth entry, as viewed by me. I work as a professional genealogist, therefore I am in New Register House regularly, i.e. the building in Edinburgh which holds all such official Scottish records. When I am in the building, I may view all open records and transcribe them."
Furthermore; British astrologers Jonathan Cainer and Kathryn Cassidy checked the birth date with Britainís Got Talent, and also with the Scottish registry office.
Certainly this seems, to me, to be sufficient confirmation that the above (birth) details are indeed correct.


Susan's Horoscope

Susan was born under the 3rd sign of the Zodiac (Gemini) with her Ascendant lord Mercury, conjunct Ketu (south node), in the 9th house of religion.
During a difficult birth Susan was briefly deprived of oxygen and was diagnosed as having learning difficulties. No doubt functional malefic Mars, inimically placed in first house (lagna) with debilitated nakshara lord (Jupiter) occupying 8th house whilst lagnesh Mercury conjuncts Ketu, does speak of some difficulties during birth and beyond. However, difficulties in some areas and actual intelligence are not one and the same thing.
People who know Susan well state that she's a compassionate, intelligent, generous, virtuous and kind person. This is born out with 5th lord Venus, well placed in 11th, aspecting it's own house...5th house signifies talents, intellect, merits from past life, virtues etc..
The conjunction of lagna lord Mercury and Ketu does however suggest a lifelong struggle with shyness and/or low self-esteem. At the same time Mars lends a feisty spirit...suggesting a somewhat vulnerable, eccentric or volatile aspect to her personality.
In spite of this, Asc lord Mercury, conjunct Ketu in 9th house of religion, has been a blessing in many ways. Susan is devoutly religious; attending Mass daily and selflessly serving the needy in her community. No doubt these pious qualities resonate through her voice touching people at the deepest level.
It's not surprising at all that she's such a sensation...there's little in this troubled world today that can uplift the public en masse in such a way.

Susan hit the world stage when BGT, watched by over 10 million people, aired on 11 April 2009 and (to date) 100 million people have viewed the video clip on You Tube...a record! The question begs to be asked; what astrological indications could account for such phenomenal success.
In the North Indian chart (above) we can see that on 11th April she was under the influence (dasa periods) of  SA-ME-SU-VE. Dasa lord Saturn, conjunct 10th lord Jupiter, occupies 'Own Home' in 8th (11th from 10th) in nakshatra of pratyantar lord Sun, dispositor of Rahu and lord of 3rd house of fine arts of music, dance, drama, actors, dancers, singers etc..
In transit Saturn was conjunct natal Rahu (north node) whilst *transit Rahu was conjunct natal Saturn...a powerful exchange! Without doubt Rahu, when associated with 10th house, can bring meteoric success (recognition, fame, publicity etc)...this was, no doubt, Susan's time!
Also on that day Sookshmantar lord Venus (4th level dasa), significator of music, singing, and theatre, was transiting 10th house in sign of exaltation (along with transit 3rd lord Sun) whilst bhukti lord Mercury was transiting natal Venus in 11th house of Gains...long-term desires, fulfillment of hopes and wishes etc. Yes, this was Susan's time to shine!

Relentless and cruel onslaught of British tabloids:

*The downside of Rahu's transit through 8th house is, of course, his effect on 10th lord Jupiter and lagna lord's dispositor (Saturn) in this dusthana (or harmful) bhava.
One of the most unique features of this house (bhava) is its propensity, as 11th from 10th, to give great success/recognition as well as (8th from lagna) great criticism - accusation, slander, scandal etc..
Just imagine for a moment the effect of this hedonistic, compulsive Rahu (north node) passing through this house...the media frenzy has been both compulsive and relentless; critical, scandalous and, at times, blatantly cruel.
Although Mritya bhava (8th) is known as the house of death it's also known as the house of life. Significant planets in this house indicate a person who is energetic and full of life - a great gusto for life; and haven't we all seen this great gusto on stage - the wiggling of hips etc.. Of course Mars in lagna (ascendant) is also indicative of an energetic personality.
At the same time it's important not to lose sight of the fact, with lagnesh Mercury conjunct Ketu (south node), that this very spiritual lady is basically shy in spite of her small typical of Ketu and so endearing to the public!

Final of Britain's Got Talent (BGT):  30th May 2009

In spite of her unprecedented (world-wide) popularity and favourite to win the talent contest (BGT), Susan was pipped at the post by a dance troupe.
Destiny unfolds without regard to popular opinion and, unfortunately for the millions of fans hoping she would win, the transits did not support this on the day.
At the time of the final Susan was running dasa of SA-ME-MO-SU
Mahadasa and Antardasa lords, Saturn and Mercury respectively, remain the same as on 11th April when she rocked the world.
However Pratyantar and Sookshmantar lords had changed to Moon and Sun respectively. Moon signifying emotions was transiting 3rd (12th from natal position) in the sign of Leo along with transit Saturn. This can be a difficult transit giving rise to depression, distrust and pessimism. (emotional defensiveness)
Further to this, of course, is the transit of 3rd lord Sun through 12th house of Loss. As stated earlier the transits on this day were not supportive of her winning the competition.

Taken to hospital: 31st May 2009
(update: 1st June 2009)
Suffering physical and emotional exhaustion Susan was taken by ambulance to Priory hospital at 6:00pm on Sunday 31st May...
The dasa sequence and transits remain relatively unchanged from the day before.
However the conjunction of transit Moon/Saturn was much tighter adding more emphasis to her emotional distress; and, of course, the transit of Sun through 12th house of confinement (hospitals etc) supports this latest turn of events. I'm sure Susan is feeling very much like a prisoner of circumstances at this time. Note Saturn also signifies punishments such as restrictions to individual freedom and/or independance.
Mars pratyantar (3rd level dasa) beginning shortly (3rd June) should see a vast improvement in her energy and enthusiasm.


(update: 5th June 2009)
It has been reported that Susan checked out of the clinic late Wednesday 3rd June 2009 feeling much more like her old self.
Mars, accompanied by transit Venus, is currently passing through his 'Own Sign' Aries in 11th house of gains/profits. This house also governs such things as fulfillment of hopes and wishes, society, elder siblings, opportunities, auspicious events, success in undertakings and so forth.
Obviously destiny has determind that this is the time for Susan's dreams (hopes and wishes) to materialize.
The downside of this Mars is his malefic status...both a natural malefic and, due to lordship of 6th/11th bhavas (houses), is also a functional malefic. Natal Mars is badly placed in Gemini (a great enemy) and care needs to be taken for her overall health and well-being.
This Mars, aspecting her 4th house of happiness and contentment (occupied by Moon), although promising gains in terms of home, home comforts etc., can also give rise to unexpected mood swings...the need for stability therefore is vital for Susan's peace of mind during this period.
Mars aspect on Jupiter/Saturn in 8th also indicates more difficulties for Susan in regards to upheavals, media criticism etc...unfortunately!
In spite of these potential difficulties, Susan has an abundance of 'Grace' with Mercury (lord of both 1st and 4th houses) well placed in 9th house. This is an auspicious house and she, in spite of the eccentricity and volativity of Ketu and Mars, is quite intelligent with an inner wisdom (often lacking in many). The qualities of faith, piety, morality and ethics are an integral part of Susan's innate nature...these inner qualities, quite naturally, resonate in her amazing voice, drawing people to her in a very unique way.

Career success comes late in life:
In Susan's chart, 10th lord Jupiter is conjunct Saturn in 8th house. Both these planets occupy nakshatra of U.Shadha which is lorded by Sun who occupies 10th house of career (status, name & fame etc).
10th lord Jupiter, debilitated in Capricorn and weak in overall strength (shadbala), is overpowered by swakshetra Saturn (swakshertra = own sign) and unable himself to support her career ambitions.
She had to wait until Saturn dasa for her dream to be a professional singer to come to fruition.


(update: 20th Sept 2009)
Susan's first performance in USA (AGT 16th Sep '09)
Operating dasa SA-ME-RA:
Pratyantar lord Rahu occupies 3rd house of fine arts (music, dance, drama) whilst his dispositor (Sun), in nakshatra of antardasa lord Mercury, occupies 10th house of career (name, fame etc)...
In Transit:
Both 3rd lord Sun and Venus (significator of music etc) were transiting natal Rahu. Rahu himself, in nakshatra of Sun, was transiting dasa lord Saturn and 10th lord Jupiter in 8th house...a house of transformation, this house has positive as well as negative indications. Performers who have the ability to captivate the public often have strong influences on this house.


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