Yeduguri Sandinti Rajasekhara Reddy

Popularly known as YSR was the Chief Minister of the state of Andhra Pradesh. He represented the Indian National Congress party. Born on 8th July 1949 he was killed in a helicopter accident on 2 September 2009.

In 2003 he undertook a three month long paadayaatra, or walking tour, across several districts in Andhra Pradesh. He led his party to victory in the next general and assembly elections held in 2004.

As it is with many Indian celebrities/politicians the time of birth is not freely available. However a member of Jyotish-Vidya Discussion Group offered what he considered to be authentic data with the following comment...
I am giving below the birth details of Y.S.R given by a relative and i found it to be corect 4myself.

With this information at hand I decided to work with that data in order to confirm (or nullify) some well-known details of his life.
NB: It's extremely important, when rectifying a chart, to confirm (without doubt) as many details/events as are known - six or more is recommended to be sure of lagna. Focusing solely on what one thinks might indicate a powerful career, or comparing certain placements with other identities who died in similar circumstances, cannot possibly confirm lagna.
Following is what I found with the data given to me...

Time and mode of death (2nd Sep 2009)
Operating dasa was RA-KE-MO with dasa lord Rahu in nakshatra of 9th lord Mercury - 9th house signifies Air Travels. This is significant when we consider Rahu occupying 3rd (cause of death).
Rahu's dispositor, 3rd/12th lord Jupiter (karaka for 9th) is badly placed in lagna and receives full aspect from Venus, significator of conveyances/transport including vehicles, airplanes etc..
To add to these already strong indications we find;
Antardasa lord Ketu placed in 9th house of air travel. Ketu sits in nakshatra of 4th lord Mars who himself occupies sign of Venus.
Ketu's dispositor (Mercury) also sits in nakshatra of Mars and is conjunct 8th lord Sun - 8th, of course, is the house of accidents and shows the experience of death.
Furthermore, pratyantar lord Moon, dispositor of Venus, occupies 12th house of Loss (including loss of life).
Moon sits in nakshatra of Ketu whilst his dispositor (retrograde 12th lord Jupiter) is debilitated in lagna.

Transits/gotchara (2nd Sep 2009)
Both dasa and pratyantar lords (Rahu and Moon), along with debilitated 12th lord Jupiter, were transiting natal Jupiter in lagna whilst lagna lord Saturn, in nakshatra of 8th lord Sun, was transiting his natal position in 8th house of death and accidents.
8th lord Sun was transiting nakshatra of Venus; and finally, antardasa lord Ketu (along with Venus) was transiting Venus' natal position in 7th maraka sthana.
Both Venus and Ketu were passing through nakshatra of Saturn, karaka for 8th and 12th.

Medical Profession:
A doctor by profession Y.S.R. is a medical science graduate from the M.R. College of Gulbargaa. He did his House-Surgency in Sri Venkateshwara Medical College, Tirupathi. Upon completion of his MBBS degree, he served as Medical Officer in Church of South India's Campbell Hospital in Jammalamadugu in the Diocese of Nandyal for a brief period of time.
In this chart lagna lord Saturn's dispositor (Sun) is conjunct 6th lord Mercury in 6th house of health. This house signifies disease in general as well as medical practitioners - those who care for the sick. Sun, the natural significator of medicine, indicates doctoring capacity whilst 9th lord Mercury, karaka for 10th, is also connected with medicine.
Mercury disposits Ketu whilst both Mercury and Ketu occupy nakshatra of Mars, karaka for 6th, who aspects lagnesh Saturn.
In 1973 YSR established a 70-bed charitable hospital at Pulivendula in the name of his father, Sri Y. S. Raja Reddy. The hospital continues to serve the poor to date. This is verified with 10th lord's dispositor (Moon) placed in friendly position in 12th house of hospitals - 10th house of career shows our actions in this world and whether or not they benefit society.
(Dasa of 10th lord Venus was operating at that time)
With both lagnesh Saturn's dispositor (Sun) and 6th lord Mercury, karaka for 10th, in the dual sign of Gemini, the possibility of two distinct career paths is established i.e. medicine and politics.
NB: Sun represents health, general prosperity and high office, positions of rank and title, government affairs and officials, new undertakings, publicity, popularity, superior and proud persons.

Career in Politics:
As a political figure, YSR had the reputation as a leader of the downtrodden. This is verified with the aspect of lagnesh Saturn on both the 10th house (career, status, reputation) and 5th house of authority/politics.
Saturn signifies the downtrodden, the disenfranchised, the old and the sick. A true servant of the people, he is known as the planet of authority as he bestows the ability to govern and lead others.
Saturn is the planet most cited as making a person 'leader of his village'. Mars (in 5th) also lends his aspect, giving great energy and ambition.
It's been reported that YSR's family had some reputation as warlords, or that he came from a feudal background (depending on whose view is being expressed). This is also supported with 1st/2nd lord Saturn (self/family) placed in 8th house of enemies, battle (war), disunion etc..
To recap we see the following points confirming this Capricorn chart...
5th/11th lord Mars aspect on lagnesh Saturn who, in turn, aspects 10th house.
Karaka for 10th (Mercury) conjunct lagna lord's dispositor (Sun) significator for government etc..
Lagna lord's dispositor in 6th shows one's need/ability to rise above his competitors/rivals in order to advance. Successful politicians and sports people alike invariably have a prominent 6th house.
1st/2nd lord Saturn in 8th house of enemies/battle.

Although Christianity is the dominant religion in most Western countries, this is not the case in India - a predominantly Hindu society. It would be fair to say that YSR's Christian faith would be considered somewhat unconventional.
This too can be confirmed with the unconventional planet (Ketu) positioned in the 9th house of religion.
It's reported that it was YSR's grandfather who first converted to Christianity and (again) this is reflected in the horoscope with Rahu, significator of paternal grandfather, occupying nakshatra of 9th lord Mercury whilst his dispositor (debilitated Jupiter) aspects 9th from lagna.

Birth of Son 21st Dec. 1972:
At this time YSR was running dasa of VE-ME-SU.
Dasa lord Venus, owning 5th house of children, is in mutual aspect with Jupiter, significator of children.
Antardasa lord Mercury occupies nakshatra of Mars who occupies 5th house of children. Mars is aspected by Jupiter, significator of children.
Pratayantar lord Sun occupies nakshatra of Jupiter.
In Transit: Venus and Mercury, in sign of Mars, are (along with Mars himself) aspecting transit lagna lord Saturn in 5th house of children.
Pratyantar lord Sun is transiting natal Moon (dispositor of 5th lord) along with transit Jupiter and Rahu.
In Saptamsha: (divisional chart of children) both antar lord Mercury and pratyantar lord Sun occupy sign of Mars who is placed in 5th house of children in natal chart.

Death of Father 23rd May 1998:
At the time of his father's death YSR was running dasa of MA-MO-RA. Dasa lord Mars, occupying 12th from natal Sun (father), was transiting his natal position in close conjunction with transit Sun.
The placement of pratyantar lord Rahu in 3rd house is extremely significant here for several reasons..
Parents death is seen from 3rd house...See >BPHS Ch.11: 4<
YSR's father was killed by a rival faction in a bomb attack near his hometown, Pulivendula, in Cuddapah district. As we know, Rahu represents criminals, spies, anarchists revolutionaries and terrorists.
Rahu sits in nakshatra of 6th lord Mercury (enemies/rivals) and is disposited by 12th lord Jupiter (secret enemies).
At the time of his father's death Rahu was transiting natal Saturn in 8th house of death and destruction (battles, feuds etc)...Important to note that Saturn owns 2nd house of family.

Death of Mother 25th Jan 2006:
At the time of his mother's passing YSR was running dasa of RA-SA-RA. Again we see Rahu (in 3rd) coinciding with the death of a parent. In this instance however, dasa lord Rahu was transiting 3rd house itself whilst antardasa lord Saturn, transiting Moon's sign (Cancer), was aspecting 4th house of Mother.
Moon itself was transiting 8th from 4th in sign of Mars who was, in turn, transiting 4th house of Mother.


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