Diana, Princess of Wales
1 Jul 1961 - 31 Aug 1997

Jul 1, 1961
7.45.00 PM GMD (-01)
0E30'00"; 52N50'00"

Source: Official birth time announced by Buckingham Palace, cited by Nicholas Campion in The Astrological Journal, Nov/Dec 1997 Vol. 39, No.5, noting: "When Diana's engagement to Charles was anounced her birth time was given as 2.00 pm on 1 July 1961, Sandringham.
The time was then corrected to 7.45 pm and confirmed in a letter to Charles Harvey from the Queen's assistant press secretary as being from Diana's mother. This is the time used by Debbie Frank, Diana's personal astrologer for the last eight years."
Campion goes on to explain that another time has been used for Diana: 2:15 pm; after discussing several possiblities he concludes: "It (7.45 pm) was also the time which formed the basis of the astrological advice she received throughout the nineties.
Debbie Frank told me that in the eighteen months before Diana died she raised the question of Diana's birth time with her, and Diana was insistent that she was born in the evening."


According to Vedic system of astrology Diana was born under the 8th sign of the zodiac (Scorpio) with the lord of her Ascendant (Mars) conjunct Rahu in the 10th house of Career & Status aspected by 9th lord Moon - the planet who rules the public in general. The 9th is the house of "good fortune" and its lord blesses the house(s) and planets it aspects.
There can be little doubt that her fame far exceeded that of any member of the royal family in recent history. She was adored and nurtured by the public at large through all her trials and tribulations.
Her Yoga at birth states; "Loved by all, attracted by women"
(It's to be understood that "attracted by women" refers, in general, to male horoscopes - generally speaking it means the opposite sex)
Although her Ascendant lord Mars (in Leo) is in the sign of a great friend, his dispositor (Sun) is inimicably placed in the 8th house of scandal, disputes and separation - a planet's dispositor is the lord (or ruler) of the house it occupies.
The 8th, along with the 6th and 12th, is a dusthana house - in general terms dusthanas are houses of misery. The 6th being the house of enemies; the 8th, the house of separation and death, and the 12th, the house of loss (including loss of life).

Suffered through Venus (Spouse/Lovers):
There can be no doubt she suffered greatly due to the strong influence of two of these (most) malefic houses.
Her Ascendant lord's dispositor, conjunct 8th lord Mercury in 8th, brought scandal and the pain of separation, as well as an early death.
Whilst 12th lord Venus (significator of spouse) aspecting her Ascendant from the 7th house of marriage, brought tremendous unhappiness.
In spite of her undeniable grace and beauty she suffered a loveless marriage, felt betrayed by the men she loved and was embroiled in one scandal after another.
It's well known that extramarital affairs are common-place amongst the aristocracy; few however face the anguish and public humiliation that was the inevitable result of all Diana's liaisons.
For everyone born under the sign of Scorpio, Venus owns the 7th and 12th houses. However not all suffer a loveless marriage or face separation and scandals as Diana did. So why did this manifest so strongly in her life?
Again, the importance of constellation lord is evident with Venus' constellation lord Sun inimicably placed in 8th conjunct 8th lord Mercury - 8th being the house of separation and scandal.
It was never her destiny to enjoy a smooth married life nor to find lasting love and happiness within or without the sanctity of marriage.

The Power of Gems:
Here we see the Blue Sapphire Diana chose for her engagement ring. Blue Sapphire is the gem for Saturn - the planet of grief and unhappiness who (in Diana's chart) is conjunct Jupiter - the planet of happiness.
For Diana, Saturn, owning 3rd and 4th houses, is both a natural and functional malefic and, although the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn gives rise to Guru-Shani Yoga (bestowing wealth etc.), the effect of Saturn in 12th from Moon (Sadi Sati) would still be felt on a personal level and there can be no doubt that during the major period of Jupiter, which followed Rahu in Feb 1982, her happiness was greatly marred. The honeymoon was short-lived for Diana and under the rulership of Jupiter she was beset with sadness, betrayal and eating disorders.
Had she consulted a Vedic astrologer she would have been advised against wearing a Sapphire during Jupiter's period. However, even with the best advice, she would almost certainly still have chosen a Sapphire - why? The 2nd house rules "precious stones" and, with 2nd lord Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Saturn's own sign, how could it be imagined she'd choose anything other than Saturn's stone.
Between them Jupiter and Saturn, in Rx motion, own the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th houses - a house is significantly weakened if it's lord is Retrograde.
The 2nd house governs partaking of food and drink (not to be confused with appetite which is governed by 6th) as well as our domestic (family) happiness - during Jupiter/Saturn period she suffered from bulimia (purging of food) and a very unhappy domestic life. The 3rd governs desires and all those who support our endeavors - she received little, or no support from those able to help her deteriorating situation; 4th governs close friends and relatives, mother and home as well as our general happiness and contentment - her rocky relationship with close friends and mother was often front page news.
Dasa lord Jupiter is involved in several auspicious yogas and her material wealth and standing increased under Jupiter's rule. But it was not a happy period for Diana and her unhappiness only intensified by wearing the gem for Saturn.

Birth Of Children:
Jupiter is the significator of children and the 5th house governs children. It's no surprise then that both Diana's children were born during the major period of Jupiter who owns the 5th house (in her chart).
Prince William was born during her Jupiter-Jupiter-Saturn-Mercury period and Prince Harry born during Jupiter-Saturn-Mercury-Venus period. Jupiter and Saturn are obviously related to children - Jupiter as 5th lord (and significator of children) and Saturn conjunct 5th lord.
 But what was the role of Mercury (active in both births) and the influence of Venus in Prince Harry's birth.
In the "Saptamsha" chart (shown in horoscope window), which is consulted for children, Mercury is conjunct Saturn whilst Venus occupies the sign of Mars.
The indisputable laws of Creative intelligence, administered by the divine planets, are so all-encompassing that every leaf falls from the tree at (precisely) the time it's meant to.
Every crop matures or shrivels according to the same laws of nature that govern the lives of us all.

Fighting Spirit - Gentle Nature:
Anyone with Mars ruling their ascendant is going to possess the qualities of bravery, determination and ambition - and this never more so than in Diana's case with Mars conjunct Rahu; the seizer who compels us along a given path. She had a fighting spirit that would not cower under the heaviest fire.
The great enigma of Diana is that, in spite of her outward poise and her determination to get the job done in the face of unimaginable opposition, she was also inwardly shy and unsure of herself. This is seen clearly in her horoscope with Moon conjunct Ketu in 4th house whilst both lagnesh Mars and Rahu occupy Ketu's constellation - lagnesh means Ascendant lord.
In Vedic astrology, the constellation (group of fixed stars) a planet is in is of prime importance, and the placement of the lord of that constellation will have a major influence on how the planet manifests in each individual horoscope.
Because two very important planets in Diana's chart (lagnesh Mars and Moon) are strongly connected to mystical Ketu who (along with Mars) is co-ruler of her Ascendant, the qualities of spirituality, modesty and shyness were an essential part of her innate nature.
And when we consider the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in 3rd house of desires and initiative posited in 12th from Moon, it becomes clear that her deep compassion for the sick and downtrodden was absolutely genuine and deeply spiritual in nature - Jupiter sits in Moon's constellation and Saturn in Sun's.
Diana often said; "Two things stand like stone - kindness in another's troubles and courage in your own."

Hounded by Paparazzi:
The intensity of the press was driven by the insatiable demand for her picture. The public at large was besotted with Diana and magazine sales soared whenever they published her latest picture.
The pressure of this was unbearable for her and, in a TV interview, she said that the harassment from the press had become intolerable and abusive.
This incredible publicity hunt is clearly reflected in her chart with lagnesh Mars (the planet of conflict) conjunct Rahu in the 10th house. Rahu is the planet of compulsion, calamity, hedonistic behavior and transformation - major change and upheaval.
The shadowy planet Rahu, otherwise known as the north node of the Moon, acts in accordance with the planet he conjoins and the planet who's house he occupies - his dispositor. He's referred to as the "seizer" and this is very much the influence he has on a conjoining planet - the seized planet is powerless to resist the compulsive grip of this malefic planet.
The chart of Mahatma Gandhi, with Rahu conjunct 10th lord Moon (in 10th), is a good comparison of how Rahu acts in accordance with both the planet he conjoins and his dispositor - Moon is both! This conjunction brought Gandhi great fame through nonviolent resistance which helped free the Indian people from British rule.
It was during the major period of Rahu that Diana married her prince and was transformed from Lady Diana Spencer to "Her Royal Highness, the Princess of Wales". The dasa period at the time (29 July 1981) was Rahu-Mars-Mercury-(Mercury).
On that day transiting Venus (spouse) was conjunct Rahu and Mars in 10th house of "Status".
According to Vedic system of astrology each planet rules for a certain length of time. During this time the significations of the planet and the affairs of the house it occupies will manifest as our experience. Each major period is divided into sub periods which are further divided into lesser periods.
In this way our destiny (administered through the Vimsottari dasa system) unfolds - according to our karma.

Short life - Death by accident:
This picture  was taken only minutes before the accident which took her life. The planetary influence at the time was Jupiter-Rahu-Sun-Mars.
First to consider is her dasa lord Jupiter who, as well as being conjunct 3rd/4th lord Saturn - the planet of longevity, is himself a maraka (death inflicting) planet due to his lordship of the 2nd house.
(Scripture states that the 3rd shows cause of death. 8th, the mode of death whilst 12th governs loss of life and state after death.)
Third lord Saturn, conjunct her major (dasa) lord Jupiter, sits in the constellation of Sun who is conjunct 8th lord in 8th - the indication of death by accident is very strong.
Jyotish scripture states; "Rahu Vat Shani, Ketu Vat Kuja" which means Rahu is akin to Saturn, Ketu is akin to Mars.
Therefore her sub (bhukti) lord Rahu will have the same potential as Saturn.
Her lesser (pratyantar) lord Sun speaks for itself - Ascendant lord's dispositor conjunct 8th lord in 8th!
Her minor (sookshmantar) lord Mars, I believe, sealed her fate on that day. Mars is ascendant lord; is conjunct Rahu; is in sign of Sun and, in the "Ashtamsha Chart" (a chart that's consulted specifically for accidents etc.), Mars, aspected by Saturn, occupies the 8th house of accidents.
What we see is that all the planetary influences at the time contributed to the events of that day - nothing happens in isolation - its the combination of dasa lords, under the influence of transiting planets, that brings our karma to fruition.
That her lover died in the accident with her is evident with transiting Mars aspecting natal Venus from 12th house whilst (in transit) both Jupiter and Saturn aspect (transiting) Venus.
In the "Navamsha chart" (specifically consulted for spouse, lover, partner etc) Venus, Sun and Saturn all occupy sign of Saturn.

Greatly loved beyond death:
The shock death of Diana was followed by an unprecedented outpouring of grief.
Here we see a virtual sea of floral tributes outside her home (Kensington palace).
This should come as no surprise with strong 12th lord Venus aspecting her Ascendant. Venus is the planet of love and affection and the 12th governs loss of life and the state after death - whether one is reborn or goes to a heavenly plane (or hell) is seen from this house.
According to Parashara, the fate of the corpse can be known from the horoscope - hence the outpouring of love and affection in the world, after her death, can also be seen.
As per the tenets of Jyotish, exalted 12th lord Venus in 7th indicates an elevated plane after death.
Loss of Mother shown in Son's chart:
Diana's early death is reflected (naturally) in the charts of both Prince William and his brother Prince Harry.
At the time of his mother's death Prince Harry was running dasa of MO-KE-MO. Dasa lord Moon is significator of mother and Ketu is conjunct Moon's dispositor (Mars) in 12th house of loss.
According to the dictums of Vedic astrology, 3rd house shows parents death.
At the time of his mother's death, bhukti lord Ketu was transiting 3rd house in the sign of Saturn. Also, Saturn transiting 4th house of mother, was aspecting (transit) dasa lord Moon.
As Moon is the starting point of vimsottari dasa system, astrologers consider the position of planets from Moon to be as important as their position from Ascendant. In prince Harry's chart, Rasi lord (Moon lagna lord) is conjunct bhukti lord Ketu in 8th house of death and seperation.

Important Yogas in Diana's Chart:
Malavya Mahapurusha Yoga:
Venus in Kendra, exalted or own sign.
Gracefull, beautiful appearance; enjoys all comforts etc. but inclined towards extramarital affairs.
Dan Yoga:
Lagna (Asc) or lagna lord aspected by lord of 9th who in turn is in a kendra or trikona.
Very charitable, linked to charity or charity work.
Akhanda Samrajya Yoga:
The lord of 2nd, 9th or 11th is in a kendra from Moon while Jupiter is the lord of 2nd, 5th or 11th.
The person will have a wide kingdom (royal status).
Guru-Shani Yoga:
Jupiter and Saturn are conjunct in the same house.
The person is strong, famous etc.
(This yoga is especially significant as it sits in 12th from Moon - see following yoga.)
Planet(s) other than Sun occupies 12th from Moon.
The person will be equivalent to a king, renowned, given to material comforts etc.
Neecha-Bhanga Raj Yoga:
The debilitated planet (Jupiter) is associated with or aspected by its debilitation lord (Saturn).
This yoga indicates cancellation of debilitation and the (debilitated) planet yields good results - in some regards.
Parvata Yoga:
The lords of 1st and 12th are in mutual kendras and aspected by benefics.
The person is renowned, illustrious, fortunate, wealthy, charitable and lustful.

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