Catherine Middleton (Duchess of Cambridge)
D.O.B: 9 Jan 1982
T.O.B: 08:19 (unconfirmed)
P.O.B: Reading, London
Lagna: Sagittarius 26:45:23

Source: Like everyone else I was excited about the Royal Wedding and, like most astrologers (I assume), was eager to compare the horoscopes of the Bride and Groom. Unfortunately no T.O.B. is yet available for Catherine so I set about determining the most probable Lagna (Ascendant).
I feel quietly confident that, like Prince William, she too has Sagittarius rising. However I must emphasise that this is purely speculative and is yet to be confirmed by any official source.


A Commoner destined for Royalty:
Using the time of 08:19 AM we find Sagittarius rising in nakshatra of Uttra Shada ruled by 9th lord Sun who, occupying sign of great friend Jupiter, is well-placed in lagna along with Ketu who himself occupies nakshatra of Sun. This placement certainly can indicate one, born a commoner, rising to the position of a Princess (possibly future Queen). Sun himself is a significator for royalty...see >here<
Further to this is the conjunction of 5th lord Mars and Saturn in 10th house of "Status". Note 5th house is also a significator for royalty...see >here<
Lagna lord Jupiter in 11th house of "Gains" speaks of both her privileged (wealthy) upbringing and her popularity. 11th house also signifies auspicious events and most certainly, being a member of the Royal family, her public duties will revolve very much around auspicious occasions.
Comparing both horoscopes (William & Catherine):
Few will doubt that William and Catherine are very much alike and, of course, this would be expected for a couple with same lagna and similar (planetary) placements. Both have Ketu in Sagittarius; both have Jupiter in Libra; both have Saturn and Mars in Virgo, and both have Moon and Rahu in Gemini.
They both have:-
Similar wealthy upbringing.
Both first born in their family (lagnesh Jupiter in 11th).
Both have younger siblings.
Attended same university (at same time) and graduated together.
Lived together in a de-facto relationship before marriage (Moon's nakshatra lord Rahu conjunct Moon in 7th).
Both running dasa of Saturn at time of marriage (receiving new titte).
Marriage: William enjoying pratyantar of 11th lord Venus (auspicious occasion).
Marriage: Catherine enjoying sookshmantar of Jupiter (occupying 11th).
Of course there are notable differences in their horoscopes that have had a significant effect on their lives.
For William, 4th karaka (Moon) conjunct Sun, lacks brilliance whereas Catherine's Moon is full (being 7th from Sun). Further to this is the strength of Jupiter. For Catherine, Jupiter is neutral in sign of Libra whereas William has retrograde Jupiter, occupying 8th from 4th in sign of great enemy.
William's mother (Princess Diana) was killed in a motor- vehicle accident on 31 Aug 1997. Prince William was experiencing bhukti of 3rd lord Saturn in dasa of 4th lord Jupiter at the time.
How has this manifested in their lives?
As we know, Prince William lost his mother tragically at a young age. Note 4th lord Jupiter in retrograde motion whilst 4th karaka Moon has been robbed of brilliance...4th house signifies mother.
Catherine on the other hand is blessed to have her mother with her still to comfort and guide...the Middletons are a very close-knit family.
Note also (in William's chart) that Moon's dispositor (Mercury) occupies 6th house along with 6th lord Venus...6th being 12th from Moon. This speaks of the many obstacles/enemies his mother encountered during and after her marriage to his father, Prince Charles. Note Moon,significator of mother, is dimmed by the rays of the Sun, significator of father.
Note that Prince William has Ketu alone in lagna whilst lagna lord Jupiter is uncomfortable in 11th house (auspicious occasions). This confirms two things; 1) he is rather shy and; 2) he is somewhat uncomfortable with public appearances (pomp and ceremony). Catherine on the other hand, with Sun joining Ketu in lagna whilst lagna lord sits easily in 11th, is more self-assured in her demeanor.


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