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There are several (potential) horoscopes for Assange emerging on the internet. Each giving their own convincing argument. (K.N. Rao) has settled on Scorpio lagna with a time of 15:33, whilst The Mountain Astrologer (a site focusing on Western astrology) gives Libra rising as per jyotish calculations.
The Mountain Astrologer (TMA) has based its time of 14:05 on an anonymous source; quoted here:
our source clarified what s/he saw: “The birth record (is) from the
registry which has appended to it a copy of the birth certificate but the hour was not on the certificate but on the record in the registry files.”

This, of course, has to be questionable as (in Australia) the T.O.B. is available only from hospital records. To the best of my knowledge the T.O.B. has never been recorded on any official registry of birth; and most certainly the birth certificate itself is not appended to any hospital records.


My initial thought (8 Dec 2010 see here ) that Assange could be a Gemini native was based on nothing more than >intuition< (an important attribute for astrologers) which was then supported by the events that were unfolding.
Clicking on the link in left column will bring up Assange's chart shown in the Vedic (wheel) style. For those unfamiliar with this style the same chart is given below in the North Indian style.

The dasa sequence at the time of his arrest (in London) was SA-SU-SU-RA. The sookshma lord could have been either RA or MA depending on the time accuracy? However, in either case, both Rahu and Mars occupy 8th house. This inauspicious house signifies such things as enemies, conflicts, scandals and (importantly) being accused.
We see from his chart that both Rahu and Mars, along with lagnesh Mercury and Moon, were transiting his 7th house at the time of his arrest. 7th, as we know, shows residence abroad, all partners, sexual affairs and law courts. There can be no doubt that Assange was accused and brought before the courts (on sex charges). There can also be no doubt that the dasa/transit at the time support this event.
Assange was refused bail and remanded in custody. We see this reflected in his chart with dasa lord Saturn in 12th house of confinement (imprisonment etc). Saturn sits in nakshatra of bhukti/pratyantar lord Sun who, along with 12th lord Venus and lagnesh Mercury, occupies lagna. Important also to note here that Sun's nakshatra lord Rahu occupies the inauspicious 8th house along with Venus' nakshatra lord Mars.
The importance of bhukti/pratyantar lord Sun cannot be overstated here. Without doubt Assange has made no secret of his-anti government (anti-establishment) mindset and shows no remorse for obtaining and publishing confidential comuniques of diplomats and other top-secret government information...some would (rightly) label him a spy and a traitor, although he sees himself as a crusader. In the process he has, of course, gained many poweful enemies. All this is seen clearly in his chart.
Assange is undergoing the 7½ years Sade Sati and, no doubt, this will be a challenging time for him... what does the future hold

 Characteristics of Gemini Lagna:
 (from Vedic texts)

They are (ususally) tall, upright and have a straight body, the hands being long.
The social personality has an inherent affinity for publications, communications media, planning and scheduling, detail management, and all aspects of business administration.
Tendency to possess an intellectual countenance. Appears like a thinker. Often with broad, high forehead and sensitive, capable hands.
Complexion will tend to be lighter, relative to their gene pool.
Likes to compose and deliver scripted conversation.
They are versatile, restless and like change very often. They like to travel frequently.
The eyes look sharp and active.
The nose is long.
Persons with this lagna live mostly in the mind.

Einstein is another famous Gemini:
(Note the high forehead evident in both)

Albert Einstein
14 Mar 1879 (11:30 am)
Ulm, Baden-Wurttemberg
Julian Assange
3 Jul 1971
(06:42 am)
Townsville, Queensland

Assange reportedly attended several universities from 2003 to 2006. He studied physics and pure mathematics at both the universities of Melbourne and Canberra but did not graduate.
Like Einstein, Assange has Ketu in 2nd house of creative immagination, learning and education. Ketu, like Mars, is associated with mathematics. Another interesting feature of their charts is that they both have exalted Mars aspecting 2nd from 8th house. In both instances, Mars is conjunct obsessive Rahu.
With Ketu in second, both Einstein and Assange faced some difficulties in regards to early schooling. It's reported that Einstein didn't like rigid methods of instruction preferring to study mathematics and science on his own for which he had a special aptitude.
There are similarities with Assange who was mostly home schooled...his mother believed that formal education would inculcate an unhealthy respect for authority. It's clear to see, with 2nd lord Moon inimically placed in 5th (inclinations of the mind), how Julian's anti-authority mindset was established, from an early age, by his openly nonconformist mother.
Apart from the position of Moon, there are, of course, other major differences between Assange and Einstein. For instance; the placement of 8th lord Saturn. For Eistein, Saturn (dispositor of Mars and Rahu) is placed in 10th house of career (in own nakshatra) along with lagna karaka Sun, lagnesh Mercury and exalted Venus. For Assange, Saturn is placed in 12th in nakshatra of inimical Sun.
12th dusthana bhava, signifying secret enemies, spies, pleasures of the bed, and confinement such as prison etc., is described in ancient texts as the house of sin. Having 9th house as his moolatrikona sign, Saturn here indicates loss or moving away from traditional values, ethics and so forth.
NB: From Moon; Saturn, owning 4th/5th bhavas, occupies 8th dusthana bhava! This house indicates discontinuation, upheaval, enemies, conflicts, change, dangers and being accused etc.. Note also that Moon occupies 8th from 10th, indicating "fall from position."
Worth noting, for Assange, is exalted Mars, in own nakshatra, aspecting both 3rd house of communications & computer skills, and 11th house of long-term desires, circle of friends, community, associations etc.. 11th is Mars moolatrikona sign, and his aspect here shows the many like-minded supporters rallying to his defence.

Another famous native with Gemini rising:
Is Susan Boyle whose horoscope is also featured here. She and Assange/Einstein are as different as chalk and cheese. Note that, for Susan, lagnesh Mercury, planet of the intellect, is conjunct Ketu in sign of Saturn. No doubt her intellectual capabilities are somewhat compromised due to this conjunction. It's well documented that Susan has suffered lifelong learning difficulties.
 As we know, Ketu tends to keep things hidden...hence, in Susan's case, the typical Gemini characteristics, swallowed up in the abyss of Ketu, are obscured.
This, to my mind, completely discounts both Libra lagna (TMA) and K.N. Rao's Scorpio lagna...any planet alone with Ketu suffers! Of course there are variations to this. If the afflicted planet is simutaneously conjunct lagna karaka Sun for instance, then the qualities of the conjunct/combust planet naturally influences (is reflected through) Sun, significator of self.

For Assange, with Gemini lagna, not only does lagnesh Mercury (escaping the clutches of Ketu) occupy lagna itself, in conjunction with lagna karaka Sun, he is also Vargottama and the final dispositor of this chart...an intellectual extraordinaire!

Birth of Son: (Daniel Assange)
Julian's first and only son (I believe) was born on 26 Jan 1990 during the mahasasa of Jupiter.
Not surprising then that Jupiter, significator of children, was transiting Julian's lagna which holds 5th lord Venus, lagnesh Mercury and lagna karaka Sun. From here, of course, Jupiter aspects 5th house of children.
NB: With Gemini rising, 5th house is owned by the male sign Libra whilst 5th lord Venus occupies the male sign Gemini.
In 1999, after nearly three dozen court cases and legal appeals, a custody agreement was reached between Julian and Daniel's mother, who had left around the time of the police investigation into his 'hacking' activities, taking their son Daniel with her.
Julian commented that the lengthy custody battle had left him with post traumatic stress sundrome. (P.T.S.D.)
Not long after the court cases, Julian's hair, which was dark brown, lost all its color. This can be seen in his chart with lagna lord combust Sun in lagna. Sun, a strong Pitta planet, in house of enemy here, indicates a possible imbalance (excess) of this dosha leading to premature greying (loss of color) and/or baldness... see more here
It's important to understand that it is the Sun overpowering Mercury, who occupies the very last degree of Gemini, that accentuates the Pitta influence. At the same time, however, Sun is influenced to some degree by the sign he occupies i.e. Gemini...a tri-dosha rashi. Venus here also sits close to the cusp, giving Sun the greater influence...there can be little doubt that his motivation is Ego driven!


NB: Without a confirmed T.O.B. from a reliable source, no one can say 100% what Julian Assange's correct lagna is. However, I do believe that the events (known to me) strongly support Gemini.
I am also painfully aware, given the nature of this science, that astrologers can justify almost anything. Therefore, in the absence of official verification of Julian's T.O.B., there will, of course, always be an element of doubt.

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