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Ancient Hindu Astrology for the Modern Western Astrologer:
This is an excellent book for beginners. Well written, easy to read and easy to understand.
A true Vedic ephemeris in the Lahiri Ayanamsha. Among its many features are daily Lahiri positions of Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and the true node.
Navamsa In Astrology  (C.S. Patel)
With Sanskrit slokas from the original source material, sample charts, tables, etc. An excellent book.
This is a classic 16th century text, the most exhaustive & time-tested text on muhurta (so says the Preface). Though this text deals with Muhurta it has some very significant and rare principles for use in predictive astrology.

Astrology of the Seers:
Considered to be one of the modern classics.

Dr. G. S. Kapoor
Remedial Measures in Astrology

Hart Defouw   ***
Light on Life:
Three Hundred Important Combinations:
Pandit Gopesh Kumar Ojha  ***
Predictive Astrology of the Hindus:
Maharishi Parasara
Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra (Two Volumes):
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Jataka Parijata - Sri Vaudyanatha Dikshita
This classic (3 volumes) by V. Subramanya Sastri B.A., is prescribed for study in almost all examinations on Jyotisha. As a classical textbook of Hindu astrology it ranks next (perhaps) to Brihat Jataka.

Phala Deepika - Mantreswar
A unique classic on Hindu Predictive Astrology.
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Uttara Kalamrita - Kalidasa
A rare and invaluable treasure house of Astrological lore.
Kalyana Varma
Saravali (Two Volumes):
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Prithuyasas (son of Varahmihira)
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R. Santhanam  ***
Essentials of Predictive Hindu Astrology
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