Osama bin Laden
10 Mar 1957 - 1 May 2011
D.O.B: 10 Mar 1957
T.O.B:  10:58 AM (unconfirmed)
P.O.B:  Jiddah, Saudi Arabia
Lagna:  Taurus 13:54:37

Source: I obtained the above data some time after the 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers. Unfortunately I'm not sure now how I obtained it or how accurate it is. However I've decided none-the-less to put forward my views on this particular chart for the reasons given below.
Note: In a 1998 interview, bin Laden gave his birth date as March 10, 1957. This data was widely accepted at the time. Other opinions, disputing this, were later put forward. I, however, believe that the original data is well supported by the facts laid out below.
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For birth time rectification we are taught that (at least) six major life events need to be verified. For Bin Laden (unfortunately) precise dates are difficult to obtain. However, I feel confident that the following characteristics/life events (nine in all) are well-supported in this horoscope.
1) Placement of waxing Moon in 2nd House of speech:
One thing that led me to examine this chart initially was how softly-spoken bin Laden was. This made an impression because it seemed totally out of character for someone marked as the world's number one terrorist responsible for the loss of thousands of innocent lives.
Bin Laden also had the most soft and gentle eyes I've seen in anyone; which, if we're to accept the dictum that the eyes are the window of the soul, makes it difficult to imagine the deeds he commited in the name of Islam.
Quote: James Braha
"If the Moon is in the 2nd house, the person will be wealthy and soft-spoken. There will be a strong interest in money matters, education and family life. The person will be knowledgeable and well educated. Family life is a source of joy and the person is happy . . .The person will have a beautiful face."

2) Functional malefic Mars in lagna aspected by 9th lord Saturn:
War-monger Mars, dispositor of 9th/10th lord Saturn, occupies lagna whilst in mutual aspect with Saturn who occupies 7th house. This tells us a great deal for, although 9th/10th lord Saturn is YogaKaraka for Taurus natives, he is badly placed in Scorpio (sign of great enemy).
So here we see the conflict (on the grounds of religion) faced by Bin Laden. Obviously he believed that he was fighting for a just cause but extremism and fanaticism in the name of religion is a dangerous path to take. For Bin Laden this led to acts of terrorism against those he believed to be enemies of Islam.
With Mars having 12th house of foreign lands as his moolatrikona, bin Laden developed a hatred towards the United States (and its allies) after he felt, rightly or wrongly, that he'd been betrayed by this super power... although he did say in an interview that he had always hated the United States.
Bin Laden was tall and thin in stature. This can be seen with Saturn (and his dispositor) influencing lagna. Scripture states that:-
Saturn has a tall, lean and weak body, dark complexion, stiff hair and limbs, large teeth, windy temperament, cruel, lame, dark and shabby robes.
We do know that bin Laden used a walking-stick for some years.

3) 5th/9th Karaka (Jupiter) in 5th house of Intellect aspecting Mars:
Here again we see the strong influence religion (Jupiter) had on his way of thinking. Retrograde Jupiter in 5th (inclinations of the mind) also occupies sign of great enemy (as does 9th lord Saturn). Without doubt, religion was the compelling force behind his actions - similar in many ways to the early Christian crusaders.
When we consider Jupiter's ownership of 8th house of conflict/battle and his aspect on Mars (in lagna), it's plain to see the role Jupiter (significator of religion) played in his religious war against the West. However, although bin Laden undoubtedly believed his cause was just, his actions were in fact, with both 9th lord Saturn and 9th karaka Jupiter badly placed in sign of great enemy, quite damaging to the Islamic community as a whole.

4) Many Siblings & Close Relatives:
Bin Laden was the 17th son of approxomately 50 children. This can be seen, I believe, with 11th and 3rd lord's dispositor (Mercury) closely conjunct lagnesh Venus in 10th house. Venus is known as the planet of increase!
It's also reported that his extended family (close relatives) number around 600. Note 4th lord (lagna karaka Sun) also conjuncts/combusts Venus. 4th, as we know, signifies all family members (close relatives). >see here<

5) Father Killed in Plane Crash 1967:
Bin Laden's father was killed in a plane crash on 3 Sep 1967. Operating dasa was RA-KE-SU. Dasa lord Rahu, in nakshatra of 8th lord Jupiter, occupies sign of Venus in 6th house. Note Venus >significator for aeroplanes< in nakshatra of Rahu himself, is combust Sun (significator of father).
According to Parasara >see here< Rahu has Aquarius (Kumbh) as his "Own Sign". Undoubtedly then, we would consider dasa lord Rahu as co-owner of 10th house which signifies father.
Antardasa lord Ketu, in nakshatra of Sun (father), is placed in 12th house of "Loss" whilst pratyantar lord Sun (in 10th) occupies nakshatra of 8th lord Jupiter.
At the time of his father's death, dasa lord Rahu was transiting 12th in sign of Mars (accidents). Note transit Mars was aspecting natal Sun in 10th...an indication, no doubt, of loss of father.
Note also Sun's nakshatra lord Jupiter transiting 3rd house. This house, we know, signifies parent's death >see here<.

6) First Marriage 1974:
Bin laden was 17 yrs old when he married his first cousin Najwa Ghanem. They were married at her parents home in Syria. According to the above chart he was running dasa of RA-MA throughout most of that year...until 3 Dec. when Jupiter mahadasa commenced.
Note dasa lord Rahu occupies sign of Venus (significator of spouse) whilst antardasa lord Mars, owning 7th house of spouse, aspects 7th from lagna. This certainly indicates a time when marriage was indeed likely to take place.
Note also that, although Time.com reports that when they were married bin Laden was 19, Najwa reports in her book (page 292) that she was 15 and Osama was 17 at their wedding.
Subsequent marriages were:-
Second Marriage: 1983
Third Marriage: 1985
Fourth Marriage: 1987
Fifth Marriage: 1994
More information available >Here<

7) Birth of First Child:
According to reports, bin Laden's first child Abdullha was born around a year following his marriage to Najwa. As per the birth data (above) this would indicate the mahadasa of Jupiter (significator of children). Bin Laden is reported to have fathered 19 children.

8) Exiled from Own Country:
According to available data, bin Laden was expelled from his home country (Saudi Arabia) sometime in 1992; and later (9 April 1994) he was stripped of his citizenship.
In the absence of a specific date, I have decided to go with his birthdate i.e. 10 Mar 1992 (exiled from home country). This shows dasa of SA-SA-VE. Note lagnesh Venus combust 4th lord Sun in 10th house of "Status". Sun is lord of 4th which shows one's "Home Country".
With lagnesh Venus combust 4th lord in 10th house of "Status" we might deduce that he suffered a change in status due to the actions of his government...note Sun is a significator for ruling power, government etc..
The transits for that date are interesting with VE/SU in 10th whilst dasa/antardasa lord Saturn was transiting 9th (12th from 10th) along with 12th lord Mars.
Note Venus transit through nakshatra of Mars who occupies natal lagna. 12th lord in lagna suggests moving to other lands and this indeed is what happened when bin Laden took up residence in Sudan following his expulsion from Saudi Arabia.

9) Dasas & Transits at time of death:
At the time of his death, bin Laden was running dasa of ME-ME-RA. Note dasa/antardasa lord (Mercury), dispositor of 8th lord Jupiter, occupying nakshatra of pratyantar lord Rahu who himself sits in nakshatra of 8th lord Jupiter.
Rahu, at that time, was transiting nakshatra of Ketu in 8th house of "Death". Note natal Ketu occupies 12th house of "Loss". This, of course, includes loss of life!
It's important to acknowledge the fact that bin Laden, like everyone else, had to live out his own karma...none of us are free from this!
PS: Providing Obama's claim that bin Laden was shot and killed is authentic, and I have no reason to doubt it, this chart most certainly does support the possibility.

Footnote: In the book "Growing Up bin Laden" Osama's date of birth is given as 15 Feb 1957 (early hours of morning). I have looked at this possibility but (as yet) have not been able to verify sufficient major events with this data. Perhaps a closer look, as time permits, will reveal more.
NB: On the premise that bin Laden was in fact born in the early hours of the morning of 15 Feb 1957 (as stated) it must be assumed that lagna would be either Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn or, at the outside, Aquarius...
I would straight away eliminate Capricorn due to the placement of 8th lord Sun in 2nd. Quite apart from the obvious fact that bin Laden was soft-spoken and had soft and gentle eyes (descriptive of the softness of waxing Moon in 2nd); his son, Omar bin Laden, stated (in said book) that his father very rarely ate meat, although he did enjoy hunting. 2nd house signifies "partaking of food"...Sun (alone) in or aspecting 2nd indicates a preference towards meat-eating.
Readers might also care to look at the horoscope put forward by K.N. Rao. His analysis can be viewed >here<. I question this due (primarily) to the placement of retrograde Saturn in 2nd house of speech; in mutual aspect with functional malefic Mars. No doubt the conjunction of four major planets in 11th can be cited as proof of wealth, multiple wives and many children.
However, we need to understand that polygamy, resulting in many offspring, is common in Islamic societies and not something that sets bin Laden apart. Also, with lagna karaka Sun (dispositor of lagnesh Venus) in 10th this could well be the chart of a member of the royal family or someone in a high government position.
Another point worth noting in this chart of K.N. Rao is the presence of Sunapha (Guru) Yoga. This yoga, formed with Jupiter occupying 2nd house from Moon, indicates that the person excels in every branch of learning, is a preceptor, widely renowned, very wealthy, favoured by the ruler, and blessed with a good family. *Lives a sinless life to one hundred years (?).
*being responsible for the loss of thousands of innocent lives cannot ever be described as sinless.
Compare this with the Anapha (Mangal) Yoga found in the (above) chart. This yoga, formed with Mars occupying 12th from Moon, indicates that the person is the leader of a band of thieves, haughty, wrathful, bold, *praiseworthy, good-looking, and hurtful to others.
*no doubt his band of jihadis found him highly praisworthy.

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