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More Proof That I Am a Rogue
(Vic DiCara's response to Mrs.Wendy)

In my opinion, reading ones own chart correctly requires humility, sincerity, tolerance, patience and so forth – far more than it requires technical astrological expertise or experience. Therefore it is really good to hear from OTHER PEOPLE about one’s own chart. Here is my response to the insights another astrologer (who is not at all fond of me) has given on my chart.
They are not “nice” insights – but then without polishing, you can’t really shine, right?
To those who might wish to follow this in more detail, my birth data is July 27th, 1970 at 7:38pm in Bay Shore, New York. For those without software to calculate this chart, I will include a graphic of my chart here.

What follows is quoted from my response to the lady who was giving
the critical imput on my chart:

My 2nd house is occupied by Rahu who is in Satabhishak nakshatra

I agree with you this can be very negative. It will take “1000 Doctors” (Satabhishak) to cure the rebelliousness (Rahu) of my words (2nd House)! I will never let anything conventional pass my lips. This can be extremely burdensome and tiring on those who seek to govern or control or even beneficially guide and direct me.
My Guru, for example, has had to show me the utmost patience and tolerance to grant me the blessings of his teachings. For this I am very grateful as well as sorry for how difficult I am to control.
On the other hand, Sri Rahu thus blesses me with the ability to revolutionize things under his guidance. I can therefore create a true revolution in human society.

My 2nd house lord, Saturn (the lagnesh) is debilitated in the 4th house

I agree that the debilitated lord weakens the significations of the house. With Saturn debilitated I have found that I lack the intrinsic ability to “apply the brakes” – to know when to stop – to know when “enough is enough” Therefore I say things I should have refrained from saying.

For example, in the reply which insulted you so, I actually wrote “I know you will take this as an insult but…” yet continued to write. If Saturn were not debilitated perhaps I would have stopped there, thinking, “Well since she would only take this as an insult, don’t bother writing it.”
On the other hand it is rather enjoyable and nice to have the 2nd lord here in the 4th house – I feel it lends to sincerity. I say (2nd house) what is in my heart (emotional heart – 4th house) without trying to hide, calculate or restrain it much (saturn).
Do note that saturn has three positive amshas, though. And modification of debility. Perhaps this is why there are also some positive benefits of Saturn in my chart which I am fortunate to have and cherish.

Disrespectful to the Traditions
This astrologer said:
"9th lord Mercury is suffering ‘papa kartari yoga’ (enclosed by malefics) in 8th house of occult, whilst karaka Jupiter is aspected by both debilitated Saturn (dispositor of Rahu) and debilitated Mars (dispositor of Saturn). Certainly Jupiter’s aspect on both 2nd house (education/educators) and lagnesh Saturn ensures activities associated with religion; But there can be no doubt that, due to malefic influences, you are rebellious against traditional religious concepts and disrespectful towards traditional teachers (guides/mentors)."
In a sense you are perfectly accurate. I value religion and spirituality with an extreme depth – and it is for that very reason that I abhor dogma and “tradition for tradition’s sake alone.” As you say, I am constantly involved in activities associated with religion – but at the same time I am a great opponent of institutionalized and organized religious dogmas. A perfect interpretation!
However do note that certain planets are very prominent – my exalted Moon in the 5th, and Saturn in my 4th for example – which make me completely fascinated with traditional and ancient things and concepts. It is not entirely to say that I am rebellious against these things which I actually adore. Rather I rebel against there suffocation and death which, in my opinion, occurs under the stranglehold of dogmas. Dogmas arise when the creative self is subordinated needlessly to the dictates of the non-self.

My debilitated Saturn aspects Jupiter who is in my 10th House, in Chitra, which is a nakshatra owned by Mars.

From this I think you are indicating that the Jupiter in my 10th house is under malady from having his nakshatra lord debilitated and aspected by a malefic who is debilitated. This is one of two factors leading you to point out that I am compelled to be a teacher and “guru” even though I am not qualified? (The 2nd factor being the compelling Rahu in the house of knowledge).
Honestly I am not entirely sure I can see this from your point of view.
Should we take into account that all of these mutual kendras (between Jupiter, Saturn and Mars) are giving strength and support to one another, improving their debilities rather than amplifying their faults? Should we also take into account that Jupiter’s mutual aspect with Saturn forms a “Parvata Yoga” – which more or less causes a native to rise above the masses of people as a result of erudition and oratory skill?

My 9th lord is in the 8th house with Ketu. And Jupiter (the natural representative of the 9th house) is also afflicted as described above.

I also may not, unfortunately, be blessed to see your point of view here. I apologize. For the reasons I mentioned above, I can’t see the view that Jupiter is significantly damaged in my chart.
I see what you are saying that my 9th lord is in the 8th house w/ ketu – of course.

From what I see Parashara does not give a negative description to this lordship yoga pertaining to the natives attitude towards religion or piety (of course you know more than me of the jyotish shastra dictums – so please correct me if I am missing something).
It seems you were seeing this situation as an illustration that I have poor morals or poor humility?
Isn’t the 8th house a rather humble and humiliating place in the sky? Planets there are falling towards the Western horizon, coming face to face with their inevitable “death” when they set. I would think that maybe the 9th lord in the 8th house could promote a morality which has that flavor? Especially in combination with the humble/humiliating Ketu, right?
On the other hand, not only is the 9th lord in my 8th house – also my 10th lord is there: yogakaraka Venus. This makes things really interesting since it is now a dharma-karma-adhipati yoga, correct? And this yoga occurs on the Rahu/Ketu axis. Might not this yoga have some important bearing on the planets who occupy the houses owned by the planets involved: the Moon in Taurus and Jupiter in Libra? And also upon Rahu himself. So maybe this auspicious yoga should be factored in to ones evaluation of my Rahu and Jupiter? Did you do so?
My 8th house Mercury is really a problem spot, though. I agree. I speak well on mystical matters and occult, but boy I have a tendency to get myself arguments and cause huge flareups of controversial discussion!!! This accompanies me everywhere I go at all times. Between Rahu in my second house and Mercury here in this degree of the 8th I am like a walking debate! =)
I think a contributing factor why this Mercury has burdened me so in this way is that he is at 1º27? and my Ascendant is at 1º40?. This is recognized in tajjika/western aspects, but in Vedic astrology we see the effect of these “orbs” in peculiar patterns throughout the vargas. Mercury is extremely effective in my chart as a result of this.
On the negative side “8th house speech” is just about all I can talk! On the bright side this gives me a special ability to discuss the symbolic and spiritual.
On this same topic the only planet closer than Mercury in “orb” to my ascendant is Jupiter. My two most effective planets are Jupiter (the teacher) and Mercury (the student).
Of course Jupiter is a negative lord for the Capricorn rising sign – since he owns the 12th and 3rd house. Additionally, being opposite my Saturn he has become inimical to my chart lord. So it can certainly support views that I am a lusty miscreant barbarian! On the other hand, with a kinder eye one can see that not only am I a lusty miscreat barbarian, I am also a person who relatively well succeeds in taking foreign (12th house) concepts – especially occult and spiritual foreign concepts – and expressing them clearly (chitra) in writing (3rd house) a part of my guidance / councelling / teaching (Jupiter) oriented career (10th house).
Of course this assessment has exclusively been aimed at finding ways for me to understand how I am a rogue. Therefore we have ignored things which might obviously be to the contrary – though I admit maybe they are few! In any case, thank you for taking the time to help me understand myself. I hope that you will continue to do so and offer your valuable insight.
Vic DiCara

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