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Identical Charts of Twins - A Perplexing Problem

As we all know, the charts of twins born relatively close together and having same birth chart and even majority of divisionals with same lagna, has teased the minds of astrologers for a very long time... We might say from beginingless time, however I'm sure the ancient Rishi's (Seers) had no problem with this.
It's well recognized that birth times are not always accurate and, because of this, Astrologers rarely (if ever) consider the Sookshma dasa, let alone Prana dasa - due, no doubt, to the fact that, even with the help of sophisticated computer programs, rectification to the point where events can be confirmed down to the finest dasa period, is extremely time consuming.
So, for the most part, readings are based on Mahadasa, Antardasa and Pratyantar dasa only--considered by most to be sufficient for a generalized reading based on the strongest probabilities.
Most Astrologers agree however that the rate of "accurate predictions" is much lower than it should be and we have to ask ourselves why?
It's never disputed that the inherant potential (promise) of any mahadasa is influenced (modified) by antardasa which in turn is influenced by pratyantar dasa. Likewise there should be no doubt that pratyantar is influenced in the same way by sookshma and even the effect of the finest prana dasa will manifest without doubt.
 We've all heard of the "Chaos Theory"...how just the flapping of a butterfly's wing can change a predicted weather pattern. So too, changes in the finer sub-periods can alter seemingly predictable events which, until that point, we could say were only probabilities...hence the large amount of error in astrological predictions where few astrologers consider the finer sub-dasas (or give due consideration to the influence of transits).
We all know the importance of a correct time of birth, and, in the case of twins, where the natal chart and (often) several divisional charts are identical, birthtime must be absolutely correct.
28 Feb.1987 Perth, Western Australia
Shaun (right) 11:02 AM; Sarah (left) 11:09 AM
I (myself a twin) have twin grandchildren, with identical horoscopes; and, whilst their lives are similar in many ways, their desiny is certainly not the same--no two (individually born) people ever have quite the same destiny.
I say individually born because conjoined twins have a unique destiny.
In trying to explain the phenomenon of twins with (seemingly) identical horoscopes, astrologers have declared that the differences lie in the divisional charts, and, yes; often marked differences can be seen in these charts, but this is not always the case...
We need to examine the way destiny unfolds according to the dasas/transits at any given time.
For my own grandchildren, born only a few minutes apart, both Rasi and Navamsha are identical. However, the operating dasas, which are influenced by current transits, may be vastly different. Dasa and antardasa may be the same, but the finer dasas; pratyantar, sookshma and pranadasa can differ greatly. By the time the other twin enters the same dasa sequence much can have changed i.e. any one of the faster moving planets (Sun, Mercury, Mars and Moon) may have moved to another house or nakshatra in their normal passage through the zodiac, so that the influences on, and the result of, the (same) dasa sequence can differ greatly.
As the saying goes; "One cannot step into the same river twice"...everything is constantly changing!
By examining the dasas/transits carefully, we can see that no two individuals can possibly have (exactly) the same destiny.
The same conditions, like the flowing river, are never there twice!
There can be no doubt that there are many people in this world who have (what seems to be) the same horoscope as Bill Gates--he wasn't the only one born on that day--but there is only one Bill Gates!
Many charts may hold the same latent potential, but the fructifying of that potential is totally dependant upon the combined support of the dasas/transits at the appropriate time.
Parasara stresses the importance of considering all five dasas when predicting the effects due to the planets...>see here<
**83. -The reverred sage Parasara said--O Brahmin! here I have described to you the effects of Nakshatra (Vimsottari) Dasas etc. The good or adverse predictions should be made after assessing judiciously the auspiciousness and inauspiciousness of all the five, namely Dasa, Antardasa, Pratyantar Dasa, Sookshma Dasa and Prana Dasa.**


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