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By Sri Chakrapani Ullal
The magnificence of Vedic astrology and its power to change the conscience of people and nations is, due to ignorance, hardly understood by the vast majority of Asian Indian people. This is the greatest loss to the humanity of kaliyuga. Vedic astrology has not achieved the status it deserves. This is due to a lack of professionalism, which has enabled the quack and charlatan to thrive. It is important, therefore, that informed and enlightened astrologers collaborate, have a united front and create a college-level educational organization. This group would promote Vedic astrology by collecting, translating and publishing existing ancient literature and undertaking research work for business institutions and governments.

In India of yore, astrology occupied a unique and important place in the culture of the society until the advent of the British, whose influence on the intellectual community made them look down on astrology as unscientific and superstitious. In Western countries religious dogmatism has, among other things, played an important role in undermining astrology, motivated by some clergy's fear that they may lose their authority over people. Fear and ignorance play a major role in keeping people away from this knowledge. Today, fortunately, desire for serious study of astrology has taken over both the young and the intellectual. This shows promise for the future.

With this in mind, it is necessary that astrologers clean their house and come together with the noble objective of gaining the rightful place for this Divine knowledge in this world.

The ancient Vedic dictum Sarvam Kalvidam Brahman, "The whole cosmos is nothing but consciousness" is slowly dawning on the scientific community. They have begun to see the possibility that there could be cosmic intelligence dwelling within the galaxies in some mysterious way. When this principle is finally understood, science will be at the doorsteps of the Vedic knowledge.

March Highlights
Since the Saturn moved into Pisces on February 16th, the sobering influence of this planet will gradually have some bearing on world events. As the negative influences of Saturn in Pisces manifest, the resultant suffering will persist, and resolutions will not be reached quickly. In the new moon chart, 5 planets in Pisces (Saturn, Sun, Mars, Moon and Ketu) create a Pancha Graha Yoga with all the attendant malefic influences. This will plant a seed that will gradually manifest over time. Saturn is in conjunction with Mars, which is malefic; Sun, which is its enemy; Moon, no friend of Saturn; and Ketu, the most cruel planet. Fortunately, Ketu is in the nakshatra of Mercury; in turn Mercury is well-placed in Aquarius and occupies the Jupiter nakshatra. Therefore, Ketu is not in a hurry to throw its poison into the atmosphere. However, these malefic planets in Pisces do have the potential to create a lot of mischief. Fortunately, to some extent the malefic nature of this configuration is reduced considerably because:

1) This malefic combination of 5 planets occupies the house of Jupiter, which is the most benevolent planet. And Jupiter is strongly occupying its own sign, Sagittarius. Therefore it is acting as a guardian, trying to stall the struggle which is otherwise inevitable in different areas of the world, the effects of which depend on the specific country's chart.

2) Mercury is well-placed in Aquarius and occupies the nakshatra of Jupiter, the most benevolent planet, thereby enhancing positive influences.

3) Most important is the placement of Venus in Aries, which occupies its own nakshatra, thereby becoming a strong benevolent planet. Further, Venus is aspected powerfully by Jupiter, thus increasing the power of the natural benefics, Venus and Jupiter.

4) The five malefic planets in Pisces are to some degree further contained by the position of two benevolent planets, Venus and Mercury, which are placed on either side of Pisces (creating Shubha Kartari Yoga) adding to the power of positive influences. This does not mean that the heat of the fire will not be felt. On the contrary, we can still expect, in various places around the world, to a certain degree suffering by disease, political turmoil, war-like threats, terrorism, religious conflict, and so on, which will gradually increase during the last quarter of 1996 and the first 6 months of 1997.

In this context, perhaps we will see lots of turmoil on the level of the United States government. Rule of law will be subject to other influences that cause question in the minds of the people. The truth and justice is at a discount, and religious fanaticism will increase. Added to that in the chart of the USA is the major dasa of Sun, Sub-dasa of Saturn which is operating from August, 1995, to July, 1996. And Saturn, the enemy of the Sun, aspects the Sun powerfully. What we have seen in the USA since then, in the senate, congress and presidency, is the testimony of this influence. It is the presence of Jupiter in Sagittarius, which is powerful, expansive, benevolent, that has been holding the fort to reduce the malefic influences of negative planets.

The only antidote for the negative influence is trust in God and performing good karmas. It is important for us to remember that the results of malefic conjunctions taking place in a sign at a particular day does not mean that when that day is complete malefic influences are over. They may continue longer.

Sri Chakrapani Ullal is a world-renowned Vedic astrologer from South India. He can be reached at: 12044 Kearsarge Street, Los Angeles, California 90049, USA. Ph: 310-476-9942.

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