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Note 35: 2005-01-20
from: Madhusudan
email: withheld

An EXCELLENT web site, I consider myself very lucky to have come across this web site, Great Place!! Can be improved further.

Note 36: 2005-01-30
from: seethaalakshmi
email: withheld

dear vendy,i learnt lot from your site. it is full of information

Note 37: 2005-02-23
from: arun
email: withheld

Thankyou for Ptolemy's Tetrabiblos


Note 38: 2005-03-17
from: vmial
email: withheld

Really energetice, person can learn a lot - must say very very good work. Pranamans to every one concerned.

Note 39: 2005-03-20
from: pdk (panditji)
email: withheld

The best website I have come across - Best wishes for the future.

Note 40: 2005-04-18
from: Akhila
email: withheld

Excellent Site! Very informative and simple. The site is very well designed.

Note 41: 2005-05-05
from: Dr. Theja Hettiaratchi
email: withheld

Great Website giving lot of knowledge. E-books are great. Thank you for giving lot of educational information through this website.
May the divine bless you and protect you forever!


Note 42: 2005-05-11
from: Jaswinder Singh Riat
email: withheld

Hi Dear,
It's very difficult to believe that nice people like you still exist in this world who can share vast and valuable information completely free only for the benefit of other people. I would love to talk to you on the phone if possible.
May God bless you,


Note 43: 2006-11-09
from: Bhaskar Maheswari
email: withheld

Dear Mrs.Wendy,

I could not but help posting this. I have been Member on at least 40 Forums of Astrology, but nowhere have I found any one as knowledgable and containing so much in one, as your goodself. There have been so many times when I have marvelled at your acumen and wanted to put appreciation across, but our Egos prevent us from praising anyone
much. Though You do not seem to be of Indian origin yet You are able to produce exact Sanskrit terms when needed to explain any dictum,and also point out the refrences at so many times when needed. These and so many other little small and bigger postings by You have always invited my admiration. I think you would be the only one with whom I could keep my chart for a honest assessment, whenever required, without having to bother or re-confirm your findings and comments.
(I will not trouble You unless matter of Life and death)

Your Group Members are also so very learned and I always enjoy coming here to learn from all. Its a pleasure and my Fortune to be here amidst You all. Would always like to have Your affections and Blessings.


Note 44: 2006-12-29
from: Bhaskar Maheswari
email: withheld

Dear Sir/Maam,

Your website is overall quite outstanding and I am grateful to you for maintaining it.

Thanks again for the vidya and great efforts.



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