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Note 25: 2005-01-15
from: anon
email: withheld

I see the Jyotish Vidya group is no more :-(

This has been the best Jyotish group on the internet, and that has of course been entirely due to you and your knowledge, wisdom, common sense and compassion. Sadly there are too many lurkers like me, and not enough do-ers like you.

Interesting to note that the group was closed at the peak of the planetary war between Mercury and Venus, which has been going on for some days, and has been having adverse effects for me too.

Note 26: 2005-01-16
from: shashi bhushan singh
email: withheld

Dear Mrs Wendy,
With heavy heart came to know about closure of Jyotishvidya group. What happened? I knew, and you also eleborated a few times about not good "varsefal" for the jyotishvidya group. It has come true. It was such a nice site where I and other interested astro members could learn a lot. It seems you have closed it due to your indisposition.
Let God make you healthy again so that, hope, you can restart such a valuable astro group again sometimes later.


Note 27: 2005-01-17
from: Neena Kochhar
email: withheld

Dear Wendy,
I am sorry to see the closure of the discussion group. It was a great forum for discussion and analysis and I particularly enjoyed reading your comments as well as appreciated your insight into all astrological matters.

May God Bless you and all your endeavours in the future.


Note 28: 2005-01-17
Name: Kundalika
email: withheld


What is the matter with you? Your list was the best list on Jyotish, clean and true to its founding spirit.

Are you going to let a bunch of sick minds destroy what you have painstaking built over the last few years?

I am disappointed in you Wendy, it feels like a part of my Jyotish existence has died.

And I thought your exalted 3rd lord would give you more courage! Guess I was wrong!

Note 28: 2005-01-17
Name: Kundalika
email: withheld

Does your webhost allow discussion forums / bulletin boards? I can configure/ install one for you on your server, so you can run a discussion forum on your site. To hell with yahoogroups then!

I still can't believe you took this step. Tell the scoundrels to ---- off, pardon the language, but thats exactly how I feel!

Note 28: 2005-01-17
Name: Kundalika
email: withheld

Hey Wendy, just looked at JV's chart.

Death of JV is not at all surprising, may it rest in peace or pieces ;-) (Being Aardra means I have little respect for Death, its just a transformation into something better.)

Jokes apart, Mars, lord of 8th and 3rd, transits 3rd, directly opposes natal Saturn.....you should have seen trouble coming! Also Antares, the nasty star in Scorpio, transited by Mars meant something bad had to happen! And this Mars would be in your 11th house of community, so there you are.

Yours truly is also facing some tough times due to this transit but crises always bring out the best in me, or may be I just love fighting :)

I have a wicked idea.

Start a forum on the website, with a better birth chart, where the Lagna lord is not retrograde, 12th lord is not in Lagna, and 11th lord is not in infancy.

Hopefully, may you also find that the 7th lord is weaker than the 1st lord, thus ensuring a longer life for the forum.

Note 31: 2005-01-18
Name: arun
email: withheld

Dear Wendy,

You must start again. The Vidya is more important than us. Let this be just repose, before you begin again.

Looking foward to more constructive discussions

regards, Arun

Note 32: 2005-01-18
name: sriganeshh
email: withheld

Respected Wendy,

It is painful to learn that the best forum is closed. I am a budding aspirant learning the VA in its true spirit and you and your group is source of inspiration and guidance for me. Still I respect your sentiment and when you do something it is correct and for the better.

May my devi srilalitha maha tripura sundari bless her best blessings on you so that your health improves and becomes strong and we need you.

Note 33: 2005-01-18
from: Neena Kochhar
email: withheld

Dear Wendy,
If there is a possibility of your starting the group again, do let us know. It had become a part of our daily lives. I for one would look forward to seeing messages from all the regular members of the group.


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Note 34: 2005-01-20
from: Alexandra (amrta)
Email: withheld

Congrats on the new group - 1st group was super, this group - divine. Blessings to you Wendyji. This is everyone's fav jyotish home! Another wave of knowledge has just begun...all gratitude.

Jai Guru Dev,

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