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Note 13: 2004-04-24
from: vivek
email: withheld

Congratulations! Great site with lots of info.


Note 14: 2004-05-05
from: Radhakrishna
email: withheld

I liked your site. It is very interesting and gives very good information.


Note 15: 2004-09-11
from: shashi bhushan singh
email: withheld

Wish to be associated with jyotisha vidya yahoo group


Note 16: 2004-09-29
from: Ravinder Singh Saini
email: withheld

This is the site where we can get all information free. I think GOD will bless those people for their doings and bless them and save from wrong doings.

Best Of Luck

Note 17: 2004-09-30
from: Rui
email: withheld

Your website is brilliant. Thank you so much for all you have done for the likes of us who are studying astrology. I had never found such a good and helpful website on Vedic astrology. It is really good !

Thanks, Rui

Note 18: 2004-10-25
from: Shubh Muhuratha
email: withheld

Excellent website, Wendy Ji. My regards and Charanvandana to you and your entire team.

Note 19: 2004-10-29
from: hirdesh chaturvedi
email: withheld

Sir, must give opportunity to get own kundali and remedy on line. And good pictures of all gods & goddesses for archives.

Note 20: 2004-11-06
from: Praveen
email: withheld

Good site.... Also give us the information of combination of grahas and their effect... like shani mangal in aries etc....

I would rate your site as one of the good site

Note 21: 2004-12-07
from: Neeti Naresh
email: withheld

Dear Sir
Great effort done to develop this site. Really this is the most respectful site where one can get the great knowledge of Vedic Astrology and others. Please try to describe about the "Yuti" of planets. Many many thanks for this great useful material.

Neeti Naresh

Note 22: 2004-12-08
from: Rudra Centre
email: withheld

Wonderful site.

We at Rudra Centre supply rudraksha, gemstones & yantras at a reasonable cost for the benefit of the humanity to help drive away sin & suffering worldwide.

Note 23: 2004-12-10
from: Thampankannanchara
email: withheld

I am a research student of Indian vedic astrology. This site is very auspicious and helpful to me.
With all my love and good wishes for the owners of the site.

Note 24: 2005-01-07
from: Rui
email: withheld

What a beautiful and informative website!!! It is the 1st Vedic Astrology website I find that has the essentials and much more in a straightforward way, accessible to the student of astrology. Thank you so much for your generosity.

Yours truly, Rui

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